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Student Testimonials

Knowing what to expect from a college standardized test gives a student a major advantage. Feeling confident when you walk into the test center contributes to great results.

Anna guides her students through the maze of questions and information so thoroughly, that they are extremely prepared.  Her tips on how to take the tests are invaluable. Having Anna as a tutor helps to calm your child and let them focus on an overwhelming situation. It's the best investment a parent can make. We were lucky to have found Anna! 

-The B Family

Anna was thorough and supportive. With her help, I am working on my graduate degree at a top tier program.

- SW

Anna tutored my three sons for the ACT. Her style of teaching was structured and thorough. She held the boys accountable by giving prep work in between sessions. The best news is that it worked. All three students were very happy with their scores (and so were their parents)!  We highly recommend Anna!!

- GS

Anna Silverman tutored our daughter for the ACT over four months. Anna is highly professional. While focusing on the content of the test itself, she was also able to understand our daughter’s most problematic academic areas and psychological insecurities. Not only did our daughter’s score improve to a much more competitive level, but she also developed confidence in her knowledge and resilience in dealing with tests and other academic challenges.

- The K Family

Anna Silverman is the consummate professional. She was punctual, organized, and flexible. Most importantly – she really knew her stuff!

Our friends told us that time with Anna was a worthwhile investment, and they were right; my son’s scores improved tremendously under Anna’s tutelage.

- SK

Anna worked with my two daughters on ACT and SATII prep.  Her tutoring style worked very well for both of them.  Her demeanor is very relaxed, which is helpful when kids feel stressed about testing.  She did not come with a set lesson plan that was general for all students, but rather focused on what each girl needed to work on.  She also spent a lot of time on test-taking strategies.  She gave them a lot of work to do, which we found very helpful, as neither of my daughters would have worked so hard if it hadn't been assigned.  She was also very encouraging throughout the process.  In the end, both of my daughters saw big improvements in their scores!

- RG

When my daughter needed a tutor we knew we wanted someone who had experience working with students from the Bergen County Academies and understood all of the pressures to do well on the exam (both school and personal pressures).  Anna was referred by another BCA parent so we felt confident that Anna would understand the BCA expectations.  During the course of the tutoring lessons Anna helped my daughter learn how to pace herself through the exams, explained strategies, and gave her constructive and/or positive feedback on her progress.  Knowing that Anna was able to give our daughter the ability to focus and do well on the exam was very reassuring.  Our daughter's test results put her in an excellent position when applying to college.  Thank you Anna!

-The F Family

Anna tutored my two daughters and we have recommended her to many friends. Anna had a tremendous impact! She motivated both my children, improved their scores, and helped them get into their first choice school. Anna was the best tutor we have ever had in every sense of the word. She was tough and demanding with the kids but did it in a way that motivated them to work hard. You are hiring a gem!

 - DZ


Testimonials: Testimonials
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